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7 Symptoms That You Should Not Ignore

Not Ignore

Symptoms: It is not a query of being alarmed, but there are indeed symptoms, such as weight loss for no reason, due to severe disorders. A disease caught early is synonymous with a good prognosis.

1. When the Jaw Hurts a Lot of Symptoms

Sometimes it happens with intense effort or if we are under a lot of stress, but it can hide more serious problems, such as angina pectoris. Although it can occur by merely clenching the jaw during the night (bruxism), remain vigilant and go to the specialist because it can also be the sign of angina pectoris and that the heart is suffering.

lot of stress - Symptoms That You Should Not Ignore

2. The Reason for Hoarseness That Does Not Stop

We usually blame it on the cold, but there are other causes. Analyze your thyroid; aphonia that does not finish cured may be due to the thyroid working slowly (hypothyroidism). If there is also swelling of the eyelids and face, the signs are more prominent.

3. When the Gray Hair Comes Out Too Soon

If they appear before the age of 20-25 and in a very conspicuous way (it is called the medical name of poliosis), it is a warning sign. It can be due to anemia and digestive problems. In these cases, you could not be assimilating the B vitamins or minerals such as iron, which prevents hair pigmentation.

4. Losing Weight for No Apparent Reason

It is called “cachexia,” and although the causes can be very diverse, it could be something serious—a possible tumor. When there are malignant cells, they need a more generous supply of nutrients to function, and they steal them from the rest of the body, which is why such drastic weight loss occurs for no reason.

5. If the Palms of the Hands Become Inflamed

It is known as “palmar fasciitis” and is considered a progressive rheumatologic disease and related to tumors. If your hands hurt a lot and there are frequent contractures in the fingers, see a doctor because it may be due to something more serious. Doctors call it a hematologic neoplasm.

6. Nails With Two Different Shades Symptoms

Nails are very often a perfect sneak peek of our internal health. A damaged kidney. That half of the nail is lighter, and the other much darker, forming horizontal brown or pink lines (leukonychia or Lindsay’s nails) can indicate chronic kidney failure.

sleeping in poor posture

7. Very Common Torticollis Symptoms

It can only be due to a hyperextension of the muscles when sleeping in poor posture and a herniated disc. It occurs when the discs (the structures located between two vertebrae) wear out and move, compressing some nerves and causing painful torticollis. If there is also tingling in the hands, the suspicion of a herniated disc is even higher.

Other Clues Your Body is Sending You

Wrinkles in the ears: if you notice that a deep crease or diagonal line forms in the earlobe (where we put the earrings), it may indicate heart problems.

Frequent bruises: if they appear very often and without a previous bruise, they can warn of clotting problems and blood platelets.

Our advice is that you go to the doctor before the symptoms that we have indicated previously. Knowing how to listen to our bodies is key to detecting many diseases that often go unnoticed early.

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