7 Stylish Ways To Wear A Diamond

Diamonds are forever, and almost everyone would like to get their hands on them as they are a famous symbol of luxury and beauty at the same time. There are numerous ways to wear or style a single gem, making it the perfect accessory piece that can be used on special occasions.

If you need help in deciding how to wear diamond accessories, you can maximize what it can offer and emphasize its beauty with these stylish tips below:

1. Stunning Rings

One of the most popular types of jewelry that you could wear is a ring, as they’re seamless and don’t take too much time to take on and off your body. Along with this, a diamond ring can easily symbolize a special occasion in life. Most of the time, a diamond ring can instantly announce an engagement or marriage.

The most stylish type you could wear with diamonds is engagement rings, as they provide a classic look that everyone can enjoy. When picking a ring, you can choose between having princess, round, emerald, or radiant cut engagement rings, depending on your preference. However, you need to be careful about your diamond cuts, especially if you’re planning to stack them with a wedding band, as you might have limited ring options.

Apart from having an engagement ring, it would be best to consider wearing a full eternity ring wherein you need to fill the entire band with a row full of diamonds. This is a simplistic yet classy look that you’d be happy to wear with you every day. This can also double as a great wedding band to pair with your engagement ring.

2. Stacked Bracelets

While stacked rings are getting popular these days, you’d be surprised with how stacked bracelets are also becoming a trend. Apart from playing with pairs and pieces, you can also choose to add diamonds to your bracelets to give them a little shine.

If you’re looking to add diamonds to your bracelet collection, you should consider having tennis bracelets as they provide a timeless yet classy look that goes with anything you wear. A tennis bracelet is a piece wherein the entire bracelet has a single row full of diamonds. Moreover, the diamonds have a single size, allowing for a polished and simple design.

When wearing diamond bracelets, you can choose to play with the cuts and shapes of each diamond. In this way, when you stack them together, it’ll give a stunning look. Moreover, it’ll be best to wear them during formal events, especially if you’re planning to look luxurious and elegant at the same time.

3. Play With Ear Piercings

If you have multiple ear piercings, you can use diamonds to your advantage by playing with various shapes, designs, and sizes in each piercing that you have. For the best fashion statement, it would be best if you could use a small piece of the diamond at the end of your piercing on your lobe area. In this way, you can provide a subtle shine and allow other pieces to be your main attraction.

With multiple piercings, you should learn to play around with the designs that go well together. Ideally, it would help if you used more enormous earrings on your earlobe and gradually reduce its size as you go higher. In this way, you don’t overcrowd your ears with diamonds that would make them look droopy.

Mix Vintage Pieces With New OnesAnother stylish way to wear diamond accessories is by mixing them with vintage pieces. While some might frown upon the idea of combining old supplements with new and modern elements, this particular combination will actually allow you to wear a unique, timeless, and elegant piece that isn’t too flashy for everyday use.

By mixing vintage and diamonds, you can give your outfit a more defined depth. You can also improve and play around with the overall style. You can stack any pieces together, starting from necklaces, bracelets, and even rings. You can play around with various metal pieces and see which one would look best for you.

4. Keep Things Minimal

One stylish yet simple way to wear diamonds is by going minimal as much as possible. You can either use a single piece for each type of jewelry or an article for your overall look. It would help if you used a single-stud diamond necklace for a subtle yet stylish design. Given the right size and shine, a single diamond necklace pendant can still make a vital piece.

As you go for a minimalist design, try to keep the diamonds and metal exposures to a minimum. The thinner your necklaces, bracelets, and rings would be, the better. Additionally, if you’re planning to stack your jewelry, try to keep the number to a maximum of two. This is how you keep things minimal.

5. Mix And Match Different Metals

You can easily play with various metals with diamonds as their shine will help bring a unified look. While some people frown upon mixing silver and yellow gold, you’d be surprised how well it matches if you involve the presence of diamonds between them.

As you play with metals, try to keep their shine similar as much as possible for a unified look. If one metal is extra shiny, it might overpower some pieces and not highlight the beauty of the diamond.

6. Try Colored Diamonds

Diamonds are typically transparent and shiny. While they’re trendy and classic, you should consider playing with different diamond colors such as yellow, pink, and blue. In this way, you can allow your diamond pieces to be more unique, making your appearance more stylish and beautiful.

As you play with colored diamonds, you need to ensure that you match them well with your entire outfit for a unified look. In this way, you can be stylish and unique at the same time, boosting your appearance for the day.


Wearing diamonds will never go out of style, no matter how you wear them. However, if you mix and match pieces well together, you can make every detail stylish. While the experimental works might be challenging, finding the perfect pair would emphasize a bolder but classy look.

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