Sara Carbonero and The Dress to Show Back

Sara Carbonero Arevalo is a Spanish sports journalist. She was a TV presenter for Telecinco, she moved to Porto, in Portugal, when her husband Iker Casillas joined FC Porto in July 2015.

The journalist (Sara Carbonero Arevalo), debuting summer and a look that has surprised everyone, enjoys nature and quiet life in Porto, where she lives with her husband, Iker Casillas, and their two children, Lucas and Martín.

It was a difficult month for the couple. Iker suffered a heart attack. A few days later, in a routine checkup, Sara announced that she had a malignant tumor in the ovary and that she had undergone emergency surgery.

A year later, it seems that everything has calmed down. Sara Carbonero Arevalo has short hair, is a lover of slow life and fantasy afternoons, as she has stated in her Instagram account in a bone-colored dress with ruffles on the sleeves and open back.

It is from the Galician firm Masscob, Silva model, and costs 386 euros. With a V-neckline, midi length, and ruffle at the hem, the most unusual thing in the back.

With a sash that becomes a lacing on the back, it can be left loose or tied. On the website they have combined it with a red closed shoe, Sara has preferred esparto sandals with brown leather straps from the Spanish firm Popa.

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