Sales at El Corte Ingles: Timeless Bags For a Ferfect Wardrobe

Are you coming with us for shopping? We have found several timeless and modern handbags in El Corte Ingles and are now also on sale!

One of our fashion tips when we want to add zeros to our outfit and that it seems more expensive, even if we dress in low-cost garments, is to bet on an excellent elegant bag.

Now is an excellent time to get a timeless bag at the best price. In our search, we have made a stop in the El Corte Ingles sales, and we have found the perfect bags for every moment.

Although Chanel, Gucci, or Hermes bags will always be on the lists of the most desired bags, few things excite me more than finding a container with a significant discount.

And if it is more than 40%, more. In the last few weeks, I confess I have entered almost every day on the luxury websites that I like the most, and, of course, I have stopped at El Corte Ingles.

Firms like Furla, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, or Liu Jo have made discounts and have not been able to resist teaching it. They already say that sharing is living friends.

Bowling that will help you to go to work and then have a beer with your colleagues, a black padded tote to wear 24/7 and not get tired, a white one to combine with all the summer looks and, naturally, some wicker to release now and do not stop using throughout the year, as the trend sets.

Now, slide and prepare the card because our selection of El Corte Ingles sale bags is the best.

1. The classic of the classics

Some bags are worth investing in because they will pass from generation to generation intact. And is there a more timeless bag than a black one? Liu Jo’s Hobo bag is one of our strong candidates.

2. In the sack (El Corte Ingles)

Although there is no more comfortable bag than a daily shopper – how many things can fit inside! -A bag type bag is also a good option. In case you want to get out of the classic black, brown, and white, we offer you an orange, but the very discreet model, from Jo & Mr. Joe.

3. Black and padded

Black and padded bags are classic. The most famous of all is indeed the Chanel 2.55, but it is not within reach of all budgets for the € 6,000 that it can cost. If you like this style, at El Corte Ingles, we have found a Valentino quilted bag, at an irresistible price.

4. A little color (El Corte Ingles)

In both summer and winter, a colored bag can transform a look. Imagine a set in whole white or black; a salmon shoulder bag will not clash. What’s more, it will give a very cheerful touch to the entire outfit.

5. Bowling for everything

Bowling bags offer many possibilities: comfortable to go to work if you have them hanging and elegant, for dinner, if you carry them in your hand. Can one ask for more? It’s on sale, and this Pepe Jeans model is

6. A brown for everything

Although we all know that black bags combine with everything, for looks in light tones, a camel bag is a safe bet, like this model by Gloria Ortiz in suede.

7. When less is more

There are few things more elegant than a bag with simple lines. This minimalist style bag, in red and leather by Adolfo Dominguez, oozes elegance.

8. A cake (El Corte Ingles)

Blues, yellows, oranges, and, of course, pinks in their pastel shades have burst onto the catwalk this season and will continue with us so much that they have already become timeless.

If you are looking for a pastel bag, this one with a Furla flap can be a great option. It’s an investment, yes, but you’ll get so much out of it, and for many reasons, it won’t hurt to spend your money.

9. In the White

For several seasons, there has been no firm that does not include among its designs white bags, shoes, and belts, high forgotten for a few years, but that is still a classic among our signings at El Corte Ingles, a beautiful and super versatile Ralph Lauren bag.

10. Wicker (El Corte Ingles)

Every summer, wicker bags, and baskets are the best accessory of our looks and have already taken the nickname of a classic. At Tintoretto, we have signed this lowered round bag.

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