How To Combine Pastel Colors This Summer And Get The Best Look Of The Year

Who said you could not dress elegantly, formally, and stylishly in colors? The latest look by influencer Alexandra Pereira makes it clear: pastel colors are the new black color!

The pastel colors, although we have never abandoned, are this summer in the boom, and all forms (super lovely) to combine located on Instagram have the most divine. And you are going to agree with us.

This is a new look by Alexandra Pereira, who cannot be more stylish or have more strength and personality, with which she demonstrates that dressing in more striking and vibrant colors is not at odds with losing elegance.

The combined pastel colors are the new black color. And it is that pastel shades not only connect phenomenally with white or neutral garments but also with each other.

Mint green and lilac are the colors chosen by the influencer to create this sweet, candy, and fluid look in which several of the trends of the moment fit and not only due to the dictation of Pantone (although this is undoubtedly the most striking of the set).

Alexandra Pereira has combined a loose blouse in the color of the season with shorts, the must of summer 2020 if you resist wearing shorts or want to wear shorts on the most formal occasions.

The soft coral mini bag breaks the effect, and the retro-style strappy sandals do the rest to make the outfit pure sophistication.

The chain belt, another of the most sought-after accessories of the summer and that we have already located in the sales put the icing on an eye-catching, personal, and nothing discreet look without losing an iota of taste and distinction. The best of all? The entire look, including accessories, is from Zara.

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