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The 9 One-minute Gestures That Give Your Health

Your Health: No more thinking that taking care of yourself requires hours and hours in the gym or great time and money sacrifices. Sometimes it takes 60 seconds to reap numerous benefits for your health.
Put these little gestures into practice and help improve the health of your body quickly and effectively.

Incorporating small habits that allow us to alleviate the typical ailments of the day will enable you to enjoy life more and better.

1. Open Your Lungs Wide

Practice the 20-20-20 rule. It consists of breathing, dedicating 20 seconds to each stage (inhale, hold and exhale). Don’t worry if you don’t reach this figure at first: little by little, you will increase it.

2. The Simple Swing That Watches Over Your Heart

While sitting, move the ball of your foot (up and down) intermittently for 1 minute and rest for 4 minutes. This will help keep your circulation going.

3. Are You at Your Weight?

Cut a piece of rope at your height, fold it in half, and wrap it around your waist. If it does not close or does it very fair, you should lose weight. To be sure, divide the perimeter of your core by your height (in cm). If it gives you 0.5 or more, you are overweight.

4. Laugh and Say Goodbye to Stress for Your Health

Laughter is a great way to relieve stress and worry, and even combat the mental block they cause (leading to illness). Do it for a minute, and you will fill yourself with (right) hormones. With laughter, you release endorphins (you gain well-being) and reduce cortisol (linked to stress).

5. Make Your Vertebrae Breathe

Rest your palms on the wall and bring your body back as in the photo. Stretch your spine while you breathe deeply. The neck has to be in a straight line with the range. With this, you will relieve back pain and reduce the risk of contractures in seconds.

6. High Intensity “Short” Exercise for Your Health

A study from McMaster University (Canada) maintains that 1 minute a day of intense exercise is equivalent – and has the same benefits – to 45 minutes a day of moderate activity. It is worth jumping rope, swimming, or running very fast.

7. Get Overtiredness by Sitting Upright

A new study from a University in New Zealand confirms that the way we sit influences our energy. Sitting upright reduces fatigue in people with symptoms of depression, even mild ones. Also, this posture helps to be more positive. Ensure that your back, shoulders, and neck do not bend forward when you sit down.

8. Relax Your Mind, Bite a Mango for Your Health

Chop it up and chew it slowly to release its linalool, an antioxidant that reduces stress. Smelling it works too, according to a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

9. Very Stressed? Count Down

When it stresses you out a lot, sit down in a comfortable place, and place a watch in front of you. Count down one minute. While your brain is busy, you don’t think about what worries you. With a colder mind, you can decide better.

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