Mango Launches Its Collection of Approved Face Masks And Gels That Smell Good.

The firm has launched a collection of printed, washable, and homologated fabric masks (which you will not be lazy to wear) and two hydroalcoholic gels ideal for carrying in your bag face masks and gels that smell good.

What joy has Mango given us! The firm has just launched a gorgeous collection of masks. There are six models, another two from its Violeta line and two hydroalcoholic gels that smell wonderful.

Come on, the kit that every fashionista needs to face the pandemic in style. We know that masks are essential and that not everyone is worth it, they have to comply with specific regulations to protect us, these from Mango are approved, and if they protect us, they are beautiful, because they have already won us.

Mango masks have very cool prints: animal print, polka dots, paisley, camouflage, flowers … They all cost € 9.99 and have adjustable ear straps and can be washed up to 10 times. Come on; they are the mask we all dreamed of.

Also, the collection is completed with two 75% hydroalcoholic gels with a citrus or neroli scent. With what it cost us to find gels that disinfected and had a pleasant smell!

Read on, discover the new collection of Mango fashion masks, and choose yours for this summer!

1. Scarf print

We have loved this model of the mask with scarf print. It has a beautiful color, and it seems very suitable for summer.

2. Animal print masks

Addicts to the leopard print already have a perfect mask to complete their looks. We love! You have this same model as in the opening photo of this article, with a floral print, super cheerful!

3. Zebra print face mask

If you prefer the zebra print to the leopard print, Mango also comes to the rescue but with its Violet line. The truth is that this mask has a lot of vibes.

4. Cloth face masks

A black mask is the dream of those who always want to go perfectly combined. The new Mango models fit the face perfectly and do not overwhelm like other models, thanks to the adjustable ear straps.

5. Camouflage

This mask with camouflage print has caught our attention a lot. You will not go unnoticed with her; that is clear.

6. Polka dot masks

The second mask that Mango has launched within its Violet line is this one with moles. Classic, elegant but with a touch of coquetry that is irresistible. Ah! And you also have it available in pink and white polka dots.

7. Gels that smell good

After these months, we already have a clear idea of how a hydroalcoholic gel needs to be for it to be effective.

It has to have an alcohol percentage of between 60 and 80% to be effective against the virus, and these of Mango has 75%, so they are perfect. On top of these gels, they smell super good, neroli and citrus, so we can’t ask for anything more.

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