The ‘Makeup With Mask’ Tutorials That Are Succeeding On YouTube

Makeup and mask seem incompatible, but nothing is further from reality. Learn these tips to get the most out of it with the new (and unexpected) fashion accessory.

The face is the mirror of the soul, but … how to reflect our personality and the best version of ourselves if more than half of our face is covered by a mask?

And I tell you more, how can we make our skin not suffer from that explosive combination of fabric, sweat, and makeup? Things are difficult for us, but don’t worry; there are solutions!

Although it seems that makeup is destined to be forgotten in this new normal, nothing is further from reality.

The composition is an ally for most of us since, in addition to highlighting our features, it gives us security, so we have looked for a way to continue using it “without suffering.” There are ways to put on makeup to avoid feeling our bare skin.

But how? The answer is on Youtube. These are the essential “with mask” makeup tutorials, write down these tips, and adapt ourselves to the new times.

1. Tutorial 1: Power Your Look

Makeup helps us enhance what we like the most. It may well be the skin, the lips, and, in times of mask, the eyes.

If you are going to work, for example, with a cover on for many hours a day, it is not recommended at all to make up the entire face since the skin suffers a lot and the pore with the mixture of product, sweat, and rubbing can irritate and suffer outbreaks of acne, among other problems.

A solution is the one that gives us the channel ‘My Crazy MakeUp,’ in which your makeup tutorial limited to the area that is ‘seen’ is hitting it.

The junkies’ beauty recommends us to look as natural as possible, emphasizing aesthetic skincare and highlight the eyes.

  • In this case, he does use a makeup base on the entire face, but very light to unify the tone, putting a little more on the forehead area. The key is in an excellent blur to avoid undesirable and unsightly cuts before using primer or primer to prepare the skin.
  • Of course, do not forget a concealer that corrects and illuminates, in your case, the iconic Tarte Shape Tate so that it covers a lot. Apply a little highlighter to the cheekbone.
  • With bronzer, she marks the eye socket and the upper area of ​​the forehead.
  • Another TRICAZO: flesh-colored pencil in the water line and proper lash with curler and mask for incredible volume.
  • The eyeliner, to taste, although to make the eye more prominent, the idea is to do it from the middle of the eyelash flush outwards.
  • The eyebrows, of course, well defined and sealed.
  • A little lip balm to hydrate the lips, fixing spray, and for the street!

2. Tutorial 2: ‘total Face’ Makeup (with mask)

When we want to make up the entire face, either because we need it for our work or because we are going to a restaurant or a meeting and we know that we will take off the mask, our makeup may end up spoiling. With a disguise, my friend, forget about having the perfect composition all day.

The ideal is to bet on a complete makeup but, beware, with products that do not transfer and resistant to water (and sweat). Is it possible? It is, and it’s on Youtube.

Among the advantages of this makeup, also, is that it will not stain our mask, another problem that we all have.

  • First tip: as a primer, use a cream with sun protection.
  • Use a long-lasting foundation, in your case, the L’Oreal Infallible 24 hours Freshwater. Little quantity.
  • After the base, apply fixing spray and do not ask anything else until it dries. The blogger recommends NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray.
  • Coral blush or blush for a sunkissed effect and a little gold powder highlighter to serve as a bronzer.
  • Delineate the lips with a light matte tone, with a non-transfer liner – just define them a little – and make up with a matte lipstick, for example, the permanent Matte Ink by Maybelline.
  • For the eyes: liquid shadow, which has a longer duration, mascara, or, as in your case, magnetic, and marks the eyebrow a lot.
  • Use the fixing spray again to seal everything and wait for it to dry before putting on the mask.

3. Tutorial 3: ‘make Up’ Good Face In 3 Minutes

This tutorial would become the final mix. A fast and good-looking makeup that we can use daily and almost for everything and perfectly compatible with a mask.

To go shopping, to work, to eat, or to manage the bank, this makeup is an all-rounder with which all of us are favored in a few minutes.

What we like most about this tutorial is that it is very respectful of the skin that, after so many weeks at home, is more sensitive, and we have to protect it even more.

  • Hydrate the skin well, a key and fundamental step. Now and always. The YouTuber recommends the use of sun protection even in areas covered by a mask.
  • Put primer or primer on the entire face.
  • Her trick is to apply the concealer not only to dark circles but also to the eyelids. Of course, she is blending everything well to avoid cuts. She seals it with powder.
  • Tan brow and upper cheekbones.
  • Strategically place the highlighter on the arch of the eyebrow and the tear to enhance the look. For special occasions, you can use false eyelashes and apply a shadow that makes our eyes more striking.
  • For the eyebrows, she fills in and defines them with an excellent pencil and applies volumizing gel.
  • On the lips, only hydration. Take a look at these 15 lip balms and choose your new favorite.
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