How to Cut a Watermelon in Easy Way

How to Cut a Watermelon: Would it even be summer except for the sweet and sticky juice of watermelon running down your face?! Not a chance. Yet, when faced with cutting a giant watermelon, it tends to be difficult to tell where to begin. These simple advances will make them eat the fruit right away and prepared for some Margarita Watermelon!

If you have space in your refrigerator, the best worth arrangement is to purchase an entire watermelon. And if you do have room, that’s actually what you ought to do: don’t get intimidated by the possibility of slicing and dicing the substantial melon. With a few simple tips, it’s quite simple.

1. How to Select Watermelon

In general, you need to look for a watermelon at the market that:

  • Feels very hefty and dense for its size (the ripest watermelons hold the utmost water in them)
  • Has a creamy yellow “field” mark on the base where it sat on the ground (vs a white or greenish area)
  • Makes a substantial hollow sound when you give it a decent knock (vs a dull thud; the surface should likewise be nice and hard)
  • Has a little crater on end rather than a stem (which regularly implies it fell off the vine on its own, alternately being picked too soon)
  • Is uniformly shaped (i.e. genuinely symmetrical; odd bumps can show inconsistent watering)
  • Are in season (peak season runs from May to September, although different regions may shift marginally)

Is Watermelon Healthy?

Indeed! Watermelon is 92% water, so it’s super-hydrating. It also contains supplements like vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, and magnesium.

The colour that makes watermelon red, called lycopene, is an antioxidant that may help shield the skin from UV rays. It’s similarly been studied for its capability to reduce the risk of diseases like cancer and cardiovascular illness. Watermelon has significant levels of lycopene than some other fresh fruit or veggie.

2. How to Cut a Watermelon

There are 2 different ways to cut a watermelon:

  • Rindless for salads, fruit bowls, or incorporating in recipes.
  • With the rind for serving cut on a plate -picnic style.

a. Watermelon Without the Rind

  • Start by eliminating a half-inch off the top and lower of the watermelon.
  • Support the watermelon on one of the cut sides. Utilizing a sharp knife, starting from the top and following the watermelon’s contour, cautiously cut the skin off.
  • Your cut will be around a one-half inch in depth.
  • Keep peeling the watermelon, taking off two to three-inch-wide pieces of the rind following the white inward peel colour.
  • Make sure to slice sufficiently deep enough to see just the flesh.
  • Cut the watermelon down the middle vertically. Then, cut down the middle into equal parts again to give you four reasonable quarters.
  • Then you can proceed to cut into wanted shapes and sizes.
  • Leave in enormous triangles or cut into little squares. These cubes are ideal for a fruit bowl or watermelon and feta serving of mixed greens!

b. Watermelon With the Rind on

  • Start by eliminating a half-inch off the top and lower part of the watermelon.
  • Stand the watermelon on one of the slice edges. Utilizing a sharp knife, beginning from the top-centre, cut the watermelon down the middle. Put one half in a safe spot.
  • With the half still standing, cut down the middle afresh to have a quarter of the watermelon.
  • Set one quarter aside, lay one quarter down with the cut side on your fragment board.
  • With a sharp blade, slice the watermelon across its width beginning from one end.
  • Cut each slice into one-quarter to one-half cuts until you have reached at the opposite end.
  • Finally, rehash with the leftover quarter and other portion of the watermelon.

3. How to Cut a Watermelon Within One Minute

a. Cut Off the Ends

put the watermelon on a fragmented board and trim the two ends with a sharp (or serrated) knife.

b. Slice Into Equal Parts

Stand up the watermelon and slice down the middle to make two significant halves.

c. Quarter

Lay each half flesh side-down and cut down the middle again. You’ll have an aggregate of 4 long pieces.

d. Make triangles

Turn each quartered piece horizontal and cut into 1″ strips to cut triangles. Don’t forget to salt the watermelon before you serve it! It’s optional, yet draws out the sweetness.

4. The Easiest Method to Cut a Watermelon Like a Pro

How to make ready your watermelon

No matter if you want to cut your watermelon into triangles, batons, cubes, or peel it, you’ll have to begin with these three steps.

a. Wash It Thoroughly

Since bacteria prowls on melon skin, and you don’t want to drag it into your melon.

b. Slice Off the Two Ends

on a perfect cutting board, utilizing a vast serrated knife (or sharp chef’s knife).

c. Halve the Melon

By standing it on one slice end and cutting all the way through. To make triangles or implement, cut it lengthwise. To peel and cube the watermelon, cut it transversely. Note: the melon will keep better uncut, except you’re prepping for a party, wrap one half in plastic and refrigerate.

Regardless of if you need to cut your watermelon into triangles, stick, solid shapes, or strip it, you’ll need to begin with these three stages.

a. How to Make Watermelon Triangles

  • Place one-half cut-side down on a cutting board Furthermore, slice vertically down the centre from start to finish to make quarters.
  • Slice 1 to 1½ inch cuts across the quartered melon

b. How to Make Watermelon Batons

This is the ideal approach to serve watermelon at a party. Not any more messy cheeks and extra drippy chins. You have fair enough rind to hold onto, and the rest gets eaten.

  • Make vertical cuts downwards the length of the melon
  • With the hull on, at 1 to 1½ inch stretches.
  • Cut across down the width of the melon
  • At 1 to 1½ inch stretches to shape a grid.
  • Separate into batons and serve

c. How to Peel a Watermelon

  • Cut off the two ends and divide melon crosswise
  • Then stand up on one slice ends.
  • Cut downward of the melon to eliminate strips of rind.
  • Rotate the melon and continue till all skin has been eliminated.
    Go back and trim off any last white.

5. How to Cut a Watermelon Into Cubes

Follow these necessary steps to cut it into cubes:

  • Cut your watermelon down the middle lengthwise.
  • Subsequently, slice each half in half to make 4 fourth of watermelon.
  • Remove one of the quarters and cut from the top part of the melon right down to the rind.
  • Make 1-inch cuts from one side of the melon to the opposite side.
  • Take your knife and slice 1-inch strips down the length of the melon. (You are making a crosshatch pattern on every one-quarter of the watermelon.)
  • After the cuts are made, begin from one edge of the melon and cut along the rind. The cubes shapes should drop out of the rind quickly!

How to Store Watermelon

Uncut: You can store the whole melon in the refrigerator or on the counter. The watermelon will ripen somewhat more, yet tiny past when it was picked—so don’t choose an under-ripe melon thinking you can store it until it gets ripe.

Fridge: Store in the refrigerator for as long as seven days before it starts to deteriorate. Do not store below 40°F

Counter: stock on the counter for about 2 days. For more extended storage, place it in the fridge.

Cut: stock cut pieces of melon in a protected container in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. If you scarcely slice up part of the melon, you can wrap the whole melon in plastic wrap and retain it in the fridge. Any remains that don’t get eaten can make homemade Watermelon Juice or a Watermelon Smoothie!

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