The Hair Color That Best Suits You if Your Eyes Are Green, Blue or Brown

Finding a hair color that favors you is easier if you consider some factors such as the color of your eyes. We tell you which one suits you best depending on how they are, but we already anticipate that it is a matter of nuances.

When we want to change our look, the first thing we all ask ourselves is whether that hair color will look good on us or not.

We can always risk it and decide on impulse, but if we want to be safe, it is best to consider various aspects such as the type of cut we want to wear or the color of our skin.

Another determining factor when choosing is the color of our eyes, and it is that depending on whether they are blue, green, or brown, there will be some tones that favor us more and others less.

However, here it will be more a matter of nuances than colors themselves because we already anticipate that we can all take it all. You have to take into account some details, look, look …

1. Blue eyes + brown hair

Although many people associate blue eyes with very light skin, they think that dark hair color does not suit them; nothing is further from reality.

There we have the example of Courtney Cox. Of course, the best thing for brown hair, in this case, is to accompany it with some very subtle chocolate highlights.

2. Blue eyes + brown hair color

In the same way, brown hair is also an excellent ally for women with blue eyes, because it highlights that color much more, especially if you have bangs.

3. Blue eyes + red hair color

Many redheads have light eyes, so it’s an excellent option for those with blue eyes. If your skin is also clear like Jessica Chastain’s, an orange redhead is one of the best options.

4. Blue eyes + fantasy hair

Fantasy hair colors are getting more and more. For blue eyes, we like worn pastel shades, especially pink.

5. Blue eyes + streaked hair

A brown base with blonde highlights is a wild card, a type of coloration that always feels good, regardless of how your eye color is.

6. Blue eyes + blonde hair color

There was no doubt that this was a safe option. If you have blue eyes, blonde will look good on you, although there are many shades from which you can choose. We like this option, with the darker root and a gradient effect towards the tips.

7. Brown eyes + brown hair

One of the most obvious options for those with dark eyes is to wear hair of the same color. It is elegant and sophisticated, and no matter what skin color you have, it will always favor you, especially if you add slightly lighter highlights.

8. Brown eyes + brown hair color

Brown hair is also a sure hit, but if you want to give some light to your face, it is best to add some highlights in caramel and gold tones. In this way, your mane will take on a new dimension, and the color of your eyes will appear more intense.

9. Brown eyes + blonde hair

Can a brown-eyed brunette switch to classic blonde? Yes, as Emily Ratajkowski has shown, but you have to take certain precautions so that it is not entirely unnatural, such as leaving the root of your original tone and leaving your eyebrows untinted.

10. Brown eyes + red hair color

It is not the most typical combination, that is clear, but that does not mean that it cannot be successful. It’s best to stick with redder, copper, or even mahogany shades of a redhead, rather than the more orangey ones.

11. Brown eyes + platinum hair

Again, it is not a very common option, because naturally, it is rare that someone is so blonde and has such dark eyes.

However, Rita Ora feels excellent, and as long as your skin is either very light or somewhat golden, it will look great on you. Now, keep in mind that it requires constant maintenance and care.

12. Brown eyes + fantasy hair color

Our most resounding yes to this combination of eye and hair color. With eye color, let’s say neutral, like brown, any fantasy hair color, be it pink, blue, purple … is welcome, even in its most potent versions.

13. Green eyes + blonde hair

Of course, blonde hair will look good on you if you have green eyes, it’s a safe bet. Besides, it does not matter what type of blonde you choose: Nordic, golden, ash … they will all look great on you.

14. Green eyes + red hair color

Redheads usually have blue eyes or green eyes, so this is the right combination too. You can try orange tones, but we like the copper of Julianne Moore, it favors a lot and gives more warmth to the face.

15. Green eyes + brown hair color

A risk-free option that, if you leave without nuances, can be a little flat. Get more out of your precious eye color with a slightly brighter chestnut, with lighter highlights that give you light and highlight your look.

We recommend you join the trend of Glossy Brown, which will take a few years away from you at a stroke.

16. Green eyes + brown hair

The beautiful Sara Sampaio is the best example that an almost jet mane is ideal when you have green eyes. With the uniform hair color, the combination is perfect, but lighter strands in the middle and ends don’t hurt either.

17. Green eyes + balayage hair color

Wearing the hair in two well-mixed shades is ideal for green-eyed chestnuts who want to flirt with blonde but don’t dare commit to a traditional dye or highlights. Balayage is an excellent option for them.

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