6 Best Feel-Good Gifts to Gift Yourself This Holiday Season

The season of giving is upon us, and while it’s essential to show your favorite people some profound love around the holidays, it’s also a great idea to provide yourself with something (or multiple things) as well. After all, self-love is about giving yourself the tools and conditions you need to feel good, so why not give these to yourself in physical gift form?

Aside from being a time filled with food, family, and general sensory overload, the holidays signify the year’s culmination. Although this might seem a bit scary, it’s a time for celebration and positive self-reflection. You deserve to feel good about all that you have accomplished this year despite every bump in the road, no matter how small.

As a happy holiday present to you, pick out a few gifts for yourself to remember your achievements from the year, cross something off a long-time wish list or make you feel good. For ideas and inspiration, here are the six best feel-good gifts to give yourself this holiday season.

1. Self-Love Lingerie:

In case you didn’t already know, lingerie is for you just as much as it is for a romantic partner. There’s no better way to show yourself some love between lace details, mesh, and satin lining this holiday season. If you’re not the corset and stockings type, consider a more wearable piece of lingerie like a bedtime teddy or a sexy bra in your favorite color.

2. A Wish List Item:

Even if it’s only remembered in your head and not written down, most people have some fantasy wish list full of items they want but can’t justify as a “just because” purchase. To save yourself from fully draining your bank account, think of a thing you’ve always wanted but could never justify because it just wasn’t entirely necessary enough.

This could be an expensive candle, a particular perfume, a dreamy pajama set, or anything in between. The point of this is to realize that you are essential, and you deserve to have something you’ve wished for — just because.

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3. A Great Piece of Shapewear:

To be fair, it might be a little weird for anyone else but yourself to buy you some confidence-boosting shapewear without you having asked first. It’s a gift based on personal preference and should be worn for your unique purpose and no one else’s.

You might want to try a new style of shapewear or invest in a new quality piece that you’ve been eyeing for months. Now’s the perfect time to check it off your list. Shape your way into the new year with security and style.

4. Wellness Goodies:

Gifts that are good for your body and soul truly keep on giving. Since you know your body type, skin type, and wellness preferences better than anyone, why not make a gift basket of wellness essentials for yourself?

Be sure to include some less-expensive items you love like tea bags, essential oil, body scrub, cute underwear, a journal, hair ties, and vitamins. You might then choose one “big” item as the focal point, like a luxury skincare item, yoga mat, or another more expensive gift. You can even make it a girls’ day and share your favorite things!

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5. A Solo Experience:

Sometimes experiences matter most and not material things when it comes to gifts. If this seems like something that’s right up your alley, give yourself a fun experience and make some great memories. If you’ve never done something fun and new all by yourself, this is the perfect time to give it a try.

Your chosen experience might be a local activity like a cooking class, play, or a good old-fashioned spa day. If you’re thinking bigger is better, make it a solo trip and head somewhere new and exciting. Bring a journal with you and write down your experiences as you go.

6. Comfy Cozies:

Comfort-enhancing items are always a go-to item when buying for yourself. You might think of this as a chance to upgrade your bedroom into a cozier space. If so, give yourself the gift of new sheets, a fuzzy accent blanket, or a memory foam pillow.

If you prefer to wear your comfort items, you can never go wrong with a splendid robe, a pair of slippers, or both. Think about what you will enjoy the most and use it frequently so you can get the most out of your cozy gift.

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