8 Foods That Help Burn Fat and Some Foods Can Help You Get Rid of Fat

If our body consumes fewer calories than we ingest, the excess energy is stored in fat. This is not a bad thing until it accumulates in excess and can lead to dangerous diseases. 8 foods that help burn fat, and some foods can help you get rid of fat.

Some foods can help you get rid of “love handles.”

1. Yogurt

Thanks to the calcium it provides, the body metabolizes fat better and reduces new lipid deposits. To enhance the results, take a yoghurt outside meals and a good handful of red berries (its anthocyanins will increase the fat burning effect).

2. Chocolate – Burn Fat Foods

Although it may not look like it, including chocolate among fat burning foods is neither a joke nor a mistake. Chocolate can helps to burn belly fat. Of course, it must have a high cocoa content ( at least 85%).

You can eat one ounce each day after meals.

3. Green Tea

This plant contains an antioxidant polyphenol called epigallocatechin gallate. This compound fights white fat, which is usually accumulated in the abdomen.

To act as a fat burner, you should prepare it with leaf tea & without sugar. Take four cups a day to get the best results.

4. Walnuts – Burn Fat Foods

According to a study by the University of Barcelona, eating 30 g of walnuts every day for 12 weeks reduces abdominal fat.

Walnuts are also satiating and help lower our blood sugar levels. We should take all the advantages of these benefits, and we should take five nuts a day.

5. Chilli Peppers

The reason to be considered fat burning food is in capsaicin, the name of the substance responsible for itching. When you take it, the metabolism burns the reserve fats and raises the temperature of your body.

The pepper’s most abundant capsaicin are the habanero pepper, the date pepper, the cayenne pepper, the serrano pepper, and the jalapeno.

6. Cinnamon – Burn Fat Foods

Its aroma is due to a compound called cinnamaldehyde, which can promote abdominal fat removal, the least healthy. It also lowers insulin production & blood sugar levels in the body.

It is a substitute for sugar in tea or coffee. In this way, you can add flavour and subtract calories.

7. Guacamole

Beneficial effects on fat metabolism are attributed to this recipe. Its elaboration is very simple. You have to crush and mix 1/4 of a tender onion, two avocados, lime juice, 1/4 of tomato, and coriander.

If you add a few chilli pieces, you will enhance the fat burning effect thanks to the spice and, more specifically, to the results of the capsaicin it contains.

8. Lentils – Burn Fat Foods

The health benefits of lentils are many, so it is recommended to eat these legumes, at least once a week. Lentils contain iron that facilitates fat burning, vitamin B12 essential to convert fat into energy, and vitamin B3 that also helps burn fat.

Avoid cooking them with excessively fatty or highly processed ingredients like red meat or processed foods like chorizo.

Excesses and “Extra” kilos

When we committed continuous gastronomic excesses, most people end up with a few extra kilos.

This will be happening most of the time during the Christmas holidays and during the summer holidays or any other period in which we change our eating routines.

When this happens, we blame the nougats, the sauces, the ice creams, or the sugary drinks.

However, we cannot lose sight that the main reason we gain weight is not the food we eat, but rather the difference between the energy provided by these foods and the expenditure we make it off.

The more calories we can eat, the result is that we gain weight. In other words, we store excess energy in the form of fat.

To reduce or eliminate lipids’ accumulation, it is essential to exercise and eat a low-calorie diet that forces the body to “dip into” these stored fat cells like adipocytes.

By including in our diet, certain foods, we can gradually reduce our weight, stay satiated for longer, and accelerate the metabolism so that the body burns more fats.

In the gallery of this article, we have collected some of them.

Types of fat, location, and effects

Fat is one of the ways the body stores energy. It does this in cells called adipocytes, the accumulation of which forms adipose tissue. Suppose stored excessively, the risk of health problems increases.

Three types of fat accumulate in different parts of the body and whose health effects are also different:

Subcutaneous fat. It forms the well-known “love handles.” The fat accumulates just under the skin, and that we usually lose more easily when we exercise.

Visceral fat. This fat is more internalized than subcutaneous fat. It is located around the organs, something that will pose a risk if it is in excess.

Intramuscular fat. Typically, this fat is not usually spoken of, located between the muscles since its amount is much lower than the other two. It often appears in obese people.

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