Ten Flat Sandals Perfect For Summer For Less Than 20 Euros!

We’ve put together a selection of the most beautiful (and cheapest) flat sandals of the season. You will fall in love!

It is time to take the sandals out of the closet (or get a new season one), and we have made it upon ourselves to discover the models that are most worn this summer and select the best ones in value for money.

When choosing the perfect sandals, we are clear about our priorities: that they stylize, be comfortable, and beautiful.

During our search, we have collected comfortable heeled shoes for when you want to look more groomed and do not want to suffer from foot pain and also low platform sandals to appear taller without wearing heels.

But in case you still haven’t had enough, in this gallery, you will find ten flat shoes that cost less than € 20, which will help you complete (almost) any look.

Combine them with the clothes you already have in the closet, and you’re done. You don’t need anything else to show off your style this summer!

1. Padded sandals

These padded sandals remind us (and a lot) of the famous Bottega Veneta model but in a low-cost version (and without a heel). They are very trendy and comfortable to combine.

2. Vinyl sandals

Bright vinyl sandals carry a lot (just like bags). These with gold details are very elegant.

3. Flat cross sandal

A model that combines with everything is this in white. They will be perfect with any summer look. Also, being white, they will help you highlight the tan.

4. Animal print sandals

Mule sandals have become the most desired of summer 2020, and we can find them in different versions. These snake print are a wonder. Now they are hugely discounted, so if you like them, go to the Asos website because they will sell out for sure.

5. Plume sandals

To take into account these plummeting sandals with the front part with mesh and polka dot detail. They are perfect to wear with a total white and get one of those looks with flat shoes that stylize a lot.

6. Jewel sandals

Jewel sandals are also in fashion, which will give a sophisticated touch to your summer dresses. They look great with jeans and midi skirts.

7. Crocodile effect sandals

Other sandals with crocodile effect, very different from the mules we have seen but just as stylish. We recommend wearing them with dresses, skirts, or pants that expose the ankle to lengthen your legs visually.

8. Gold metallic sandals

Gold metallic strappy sandals are always a hit in any look, although a priori, they may seem difficult to combine. Once you start making combinations, you can no longer stop. These types of ankle straps stylize your legs and make them appear longer.

9. Pastel blue sandals

You could not miss in the selection some sandals in pastel colors, and these in light blue have stolen our hearts. They are beautiful!

10. Espadrilles type flat sandals


And we continue with pastel tones thanks to these original sandals in pink espadrille. Can they be more summery and appetizing? We see them with jeans, but they would not go wrong with a short party dress.

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