3 Exercises That Reduce Accumulate Gas

Accumulate Gas: When you accumulate gas, you usually feel bloated and uncomfortable.  we propose 3 exercises that will help you a lot.

1. Mobilization

Lie down in a comfortable place with your knees bent.

  • Keep your arms raised to the side of your head.
  • Rotate your hips, bringing your knees to the side. Breathe gently and slowly turn to the other side.
  • Rotate only the legs ensuring that the trunk and the upper part of the shoulders remain stable.

2. Shrink and Relax

  • Spread your feet a foot between them and rest your hands on your knees, rounding your back a little, as if you were shrinking.
  • Take three full soft breaths and return to the upright position.
  • Do this exercise 5 times.

3. Stretches the Belly

Take a step back, keeping your feet facing forward. Clasp your hands in front of your waist.

Raise your arms little by little above your head and feel your spine arching a little.

Stretch the muscles of the abdominal area well.

4. Gases Under Control

If you tend to accumulate gases, you will already know how annoying they are. And is that gases not only cause unsightly bloating.

They can become painful in the lower belly area and even increase the feeling of tired legs. That is why it is essential to have strategies that allow you to eliminate them and not let them accumulate.

Gas causes bloating, pain, and a feeling of tired legs

Specialist in Manual Therapies proposes exercises to mobilize the digestive tract and help its expulsion immediately. You can do it daily as it will only take a few minutes but will make you feel much lighter.

5. Tummy Messages That Work

Place your fingers high on your stomach, just where the ribs end, and rub several times from top to bottom. Then place your hands on your belly button, one on top of the other.

Make several circles from right to left, in a clockwise direction. Do this massage when you get up and before going to bed.

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