How To Choose Between Cushion Cut And Princess Cut Diamond?

Ring shopping for both engagements and weddings is undoubtedly so exciting. When looking at a diamond ring, the focus of the people is more on its center diamond than the ring shape or style. This makes it important for the ring buyers to make sure that the center diamond of the ring they are going to choose has near-perfect clarity. Almost every wedding and engagement ring buyer makes sure that the diamond of their ring will sparkle as well as grab all of the attention.

Round and oval-shaped diamond rings usually remain in demand. They are not just quite common but are also readily available. But those who want their engagement and/or wedding ring to be unique, usually prefer a princess or cushion cut diamond. The unique shape and amazing features of princess cut and cushion cut diamonds make them stand out.

Both cushion cut and princess cut diamonds are unconventional diamond cuts. They are not just perfect for engagement and wedding rings but also have their own unique charm. The buying process turns out to be complicated when you have to choose between a cushion cut and a princess-cut diamond. However, knowing there different ways to make the process. Some common things that you must consider to select cushion cut and princess cut diamonds are listed below.

1. Basics

In terms of basics, cushion-cut diamonds are also known as pillow-cut diamonds. They have been popular for over 100 years, and are considered the best for vintage engagement and wedding rings. This type of diamond cut has gently rounded corners. The stones of princess cut diamond rings are usually square, but they are also available in different rectangular shapes.

On the other side, princess-cut diamonds have pointed corners. This type of diamond cut usually offers a symmetrical, and square profile. However, it also depends on the length-to-width ratio of the diamond. These days princess-cut diamonds are preferred the most for engagement rings.

2. Shape

Cushion-cut diamonds have a square or rectangular face. They have rounded corners that resemble a soft, cushion, pillow-like shape. Cushion-cut diamonds are not just unique but are also the only diamond cuts that carry geometric lines and elements of roundness. But, princess-cut diamonds have a square or slightly rectangular face. The faces of these diamonds are more geometric and modern.

3. Facets

In terms of facets, the modern cushion diamond usually has 58 facets. The 58 facets, give the diamond a unique and intense fire. The facets increase the diamond’s brilliance as well as highlight the clarity of the stone. But, the princess cut diamonds 76 tiny facets to refract and reflect the light. The number of facets in princess cut diamonds also depends on the design of the pavilion. Some diamonds have 144 facets, while others have 50.

4. Style

Cushion-cut diamonds have historical popularity. Their modern look, i.e. modern cushion cut diamonds are loved by many people. Their vintage charm makes them more stylish than many other types of diamond cuts. Their unique shape as well as soft corners make them perfect for all those buyers who want their rings to have an elegant, and romantic look.

However, on the other side, princess-cut diamonds are known for their contemporary, and fashionable style. They are perfect for those who want their rings to have a geometrical and modern look.

5. Cost

Usually, cushion-cut and princess-cut diamonds are quite affordable. However, the cost of both cushion-cut diamonds and princess-cut diamonds also depends on a variety of things. This makes it tough to determine which diamond cut is more expensive.

The factors that usually affect the cost of cushion-cut and princess-cut diamonds are length-to-width ratios, carat size, gemstone, and color. The price per carat of a cushion-cut diamond is lower than a princess-cut diamond. But it also looks smaller than a princess-cut diamond. Buying a customized engagement or wedding ring helps you pick an affordable diamond for it.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to deciding between a princess-cut diamond and a cushion-cut diamond, it is best to consider the diamond style, facets, shape, and cost. To find the perfect diamond engagement or wedding ring, it is important to pay the highest attention to the type of diamond that will be added to it. Choosing your ideal diamond cut or shape not just help you get a ring within your budget but also saves time.

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