The Complete Guide to Modest But Stylish Fashion

For some, modest means bland and boring. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Even if you like to dress modestly, that doesn’t mean you can’t look great or even sexy. You just have to know how to put an outfit together. You don’t have to be revealing or skimpy. Leaving something to the imagination can be thrilling and can make you feel confident and strong. Modest clothing doesn’t have to evoke feelings of a puritanical time gone by, either. You can still be on top of the trends and up-to-date. Here’s the complete guide to modestly buying stylish fashion.

1. What Is Modest Fashion?

Modest fashion means different things to different people. However, there is a general overarching idea behind the concept. Modern fashion involves having yourself covered up while also being fashionable. It is sometimes a religious decision, for instance, and sometimes it’s personal. Some people are more comfortable being modest.

Whatever your reason is, there’s nothing wrong with being covered up when you dress up, just like there’s nothing wrong with wearing revealing clothes. It is a personal choice that only you can make for yourself. 

2. Find Your Style

It’s a myth that modest women’s clothing, by its nature, has to be bland. It can even be sexy. The key is to find a style that highlights your personality. If you’re comfortable with it, it can even flatter your curves to get some looks back. It may seem like a challenging proposition, and it can be.

You may have to search for the store or certain items that truly make your personality shine and highlight what you want to highlight. However, it is possible, and it will pay off for you. Instead of making your body the center of attention, which many people do, you will make the clothes fit with your body. 

3. Long Skirts and Dresses

The first suggestion on the list, and we’re already on a type of clothing that everyone wears. Maxi skirts and dresses are comfortable and provide you with a fun and flirty silhouette. You can choose how form-fitting you want them to be. They can be loose and flowy, or they can be a bit tighter. If you are comfortable with a little skin showing, then go with a midi-dress. These are great for the summers when you can get the coverage you want, but you will still be able to stay cool. 

To get an up-to-date and trendy look. You can pair it with a nice fitted top to balance out the volume of the skirt. To complete the look, try some wedges on your feet for a bit of a retro look to complete the look. 

4. Sweaters

Sweaters are an important part of any wardrobe, including a modest one. They provide the coverage you want and can also look great. There are many ways that you can dress up a sweater to be fun and trendy. For instance, a cardigan can go really well with some leggings and a big chunky belt. You could also opt for a bulky sweater and paired with slim-fit jeans.

The big materials of the sweater will contrast with the jeans quite nicely. Cropped sweaters can still be modest if you do it right. Try putting one over a boldly colored top that peeks out from the crop. 

5. Layers

Along the same lines, if you have a bit of revealing clothes, you can rely on layers to cover up underneath. For instance, strapless dresses with deep necklines can go with a white or cream top underneath. But, again, use solid colors underneath to draw attention to the dress and to your face. 

You can even choose to be a little rebellious with these looks. Nothing stops you from wearing a cropped leather jacket with a monochrome shirt. You’re being modest, but you’re also drawing attention. A bomber or motorcycle jacket will look great over a maxi dress or skirt. You can even go with leggings. The uneven proportions provide a unique look that will actually flatter your frame. 

6. Undergarments 

Sometimes you have a piece of clothing that fully covers you up but might leave little to the imagination otherwise. In addition, some part of you might be poking through, and while it looks great, you aren’t comfortable wearing it in public. For these times, it’s good to have the appropriate undergarments to hide those places on your body but still keep the form-fitting appeal of the outfit. The right bra or panties could mean the difference between leaving something behind in the store or having an amazing outfit. 

7. Longline Blazers

A good blazer is a must for a modest wardrobe. You can wear it at work or at night, which is very flexible. However, structure blazers can feel that they are restraining you if they aren’t sized just right. Luckily, you can opt for an oversized longline blazer that isn’t constraining and works as the additional layer to cover up cropped or fitted tops.

Modesty doesn’t mean boring, and it doesn’t mean bland. All you have to do is choose what pieces you buy and how you wear them. Then, follow these tips to look chic and sexy even while covered up.

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