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How to choose the best sunscreen when you have acne in 2023

Are you blessed with frequent breakouts? Or do you tend to get that 3pm shine that’s a little less dewy and a lot more like an oil slick? If this sounds like you, then you’ve likely got an oily or acne prone skin type. Whilst you might already have a suite of skincare and makeup products to put your best face forward, have you considered the sunscreen you’re using? Keep reading to find out how to choose the best sunscreen for acne prone skin in 2023.

1. Why you need to use sunscreen (especially if you have acne!)

It’s no secret that literally everyone should be wearing sunscreen and engaging in sun safe guidelines (cue protective clothing and choosing shade over full sun). But, it can actually be super duper, extra important to whip out the sun lotion if you have acne. The reason? If you’re into your skincare, then you’re probably using AHAs, BHAs and/or retinol to control your breakouts.

Whilst these ingredients do wonders, they also make your skin a heck lot more susceptible to sunburn, eek. It’s actually not recommended to even use these skincare products in the first place, unless you can commit to wearing an SPF!

2. Features to look for in sunscreen for oily skin

When it comes to choosing the best sunscreen for oily skin, there are several factors to consider. Look out for:

  • Formula: Most prefer a mineral sunscreen formula to deal with breakouts as they generally tend to be less reactive.
  • Finish: Try a matte finish to keep your ‘glow’ under control
  • Feel: Steer clear of heavy textured sun lotion. You want lightweight formulas rather than thick, oily formulas that inevitably clogged your pores and made you breakout or look greasy.
  • SPF level: Always choose SPF30 or SPF50+

3. The 2 Best Sunscreens for Acne in 2023

Had a horrendous experience with face sunscreens in the past and sworn off them forever? Things have changed in the sunscreen world (thankgod!) and there’s really no reason to not be reaching for a bottle. Here are our favourite  Sunscreens for acne to try in 2023.

a. Lean Screen SPF50+ from Ultra Violette

This fantastic sunscreen has a zinc oxide base and offers the highest level of sun protection at SPF50+. We love the mattifying finish for acne or breakouts too – your makeup will set perfectly on top, and rest assured it won’t split during the day either. It’s sans fragrance too which makes it ideal for those particularly sensitive to odours.

b. Clean Screen SPF30 from Ultra Violette

This is for anyone who doesn’t like the feel of products on their skin – it’s totally weightless thanks to the gel formula. Based on titanium dioxide broad spectrum protection, it’s got skin-soothing properties that are ideal at helping with redness or sensitivity. It’s similarly fragrance-free!

Inspired to choose your new face sunscreen for 2023? Remember that sunscreen is really only one part of sun protection. It’s important but you should always try to engage in a suite of sun safety measures like wearing a broad brimmed hat, protective clothing, and opting for shade where possible.

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