Chocolate Truffle Hair Color is ideal For Brunettes Looking For Something More

It is ideal for brunettes who do not want to give up their natural hair color but want to give it more depth and movement. Chocolate truffle hair color is ideal for brunettes looking for something more.

We have fallen in love with this new coloration that is going to be a trend for the rest of 2020. Whoever names the hair colors must be a fan of desserts because they all give us sweet monkeys.

Our latest discovery is called ‘Chocolate Truffle,’ that is, chocolate truffle, and it is already what we lacked to want to wear it because, in addition to leaving precious hair, it has a name that makes us salivate. And that only gives you extra points.

But let’s get serious. This new hair tone created by the colorist Guy Tang has all the ballots to become the new essential for the remainder of 2020, especially for brunettes who are undergoing radical changes. We tell you everything you have to know about him.

“Chocolate truffle” or the hair color that will make you hungry for a makeover

Brunettes always have a harder time subjecting their manes to significant changes. A change to blonde can be costly and take part in the hair’s health. For that reason, many times.

It is better to choose the most sensible and embrace super elegant and flattering trends that, although they will not cause an exceptional sensation of change, yes that will serve to make people wonder what you have done to be so beautiful because they will not be able to see the difference at first sight.

What is Chocolate Truffle? It is the combination of various chestnut shades, some darker and others lighter in the form of super-fine highlights, which are almost reflections. So without any more frills.

They may seem almost invisible at first glance, but they positively contribute to giving depth and movement to dark hair without compromising your health. In manes like that of the actress Priyanka Chopra, they look lovely because the chocolate tones frame her face, and the truffles enhance the color of her eyes.

But Chocolate Truffle can be adapted to other complexions by playing with nuances. Thus, some choose more coppery or even gold versions based on the same base.

And it is that the hair trends of this year go through creating finishes of the most natural and easy to maintain, that do not spoil excessively if we do not touch them up for months. The roots are left dark, of their natural tone, and then the highlights are added in a strategic place.

The idea is that they highlight the area of ​​the jaw and the contours of the face and that the tones blend with great subtlety. How about? Do you sign up for the Chocolate Truffle?

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