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Cartier’s Expensive Bracelet And His ASOS Clone For Less Than 50 Euros

Expensive Bracelet

There are many celebrities that we have seen wearing the Cartier LOVE bracelet, and now we have found a much cheaper version, and also very beautiful!

1. The most desired bracelet

Born in New York in the 70s, the Love bracelet is one of the most famous, desired, and representative of the Cartier brand. It is a timeless bracelet that never goes out of style, but of course … its price is within reach of very few.

The “basic,” in 18-carat rose gold, set with a pink sapphire costs € 5,050, the 18-carat model with four brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.42 carats, € 10,200, and so on up to a model of 18-carat rose gold, set with 204 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 1.99 carats costing € 40,900 … There is nothing!

most desired bracelet

At least to me, it does not occur to me to spend more than € 5,000 on a bracelet, although I admit that I like the style … Imagine the joy when, in one of my multiple dives in online stores, I found a very similar bracelet, at a much lower price than Cartier.

2. Kate Spade strass rose gold bracelet

My birthday is near, and this bracelet that I have found in Asos has all the ballots to appear in my wishlist … It is very similar to Cartier’s but, as you can see, it costs less than € 45! In rose gold-tone, with strass details and click closure. Can you ask for something more?

Gold-Tone Bracelet

3. Kate Spade Gold-Tone Bracelet

The same model is also available in gold, with crystal trim. We have also included this bracelet in selecting timeless and beautiful jewelry that you will wear all your life, and in which it is worth investing in.

Does it still look expensive to you? Well friend, keep reading because I have found another clone, even cheaper!

4. Screw cuff on Aliexpress

If you like the style of the Cartier, but you are not going to spend a whopping € 6,000 (minimum) or € 45 from Asos, this one from Aliexpress is available in the same colors, and its price is laughable.

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