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3 Ankle Exercises To Avoid Strains And Sprains

Ankle Exercises

Avoid Strains: A “bad” sprain can lead to sprains that can leave ankle discomfort if not resolved well. Avoiding it goes through strengthening this joint, which we often forget when we practice any sport.

Avoid Strains and Sprains of the ankle without tearing are minor but common accidents whose consequences – pain and inability to move freely – can drag on for a long time.

Some straightforward exercises will take you a few minutes, which will help your ankles be substantial since they are the basis of balance and movement both for your daily life and for when you practice any other type of physical activity sports practice.

1. Balance to Gain Strength

Stand with your hands crossed or resting on your waist.

  • Feel your feet well supported on the ground, noting how the weight is well distributed throughout the plant.
  • Raise one of your legs little by little and stand on one foot for 20 seconds.
  • Lower the other foot slowly and repeat the exercise with the other leg.

Balance to Gain Strength

2. Creating Resistance

Stand in fore of a wall, put your hands on it, and take one leg back a step. The back leg’s foot should be well supported on the ground so that you feel some tension in the ankle joint (never pain).

With this exercise, you give elasticity to the ankle joint and in the same way to the muscles of the leg (the calves and the soleus) that also help protect the foot.

3. Twists to Both Sides

Sit down and relax your foot on a relatively firm surface.

Avoid Strains

Make turns to the left and right, as if you wanted to touch with your fingers one side and the other of the surface where it is resting. Make sure that the leg does not rotate; the movement must only be the ankle.

4. Catch the Cloth!

Flop in a chair with your legs at 90ยบ, so that your knees and feet are in line.

  • Place a flat cloth or small towel under one foot. With your fingers, try to grab the fabric as much as you can and then try to lay it flat again.
  • Do this movement 3 times and repeat with the other foot.

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