Adriana Ugarte’s Beauty Tips

Adriana Ugarte is an actress from Madrid born in 1985. She has participated in different series such as Hospital Central or La Señora, but it was El Tiempo entre Costuras that catapulted her to fame.

He has also played leading roles in films such as The Hangman Game, The Opposite of Love, or Juliet, with Emma Suárez. Adriana Ugarte’s Instagram, as well as her relationships, like the one Adriana Ugarte had with also actor Alex González, usually make people talk.

Adriana Ugarte is a staunch fan of pure carite butter: I use it for the hydration of my whole body. Lately, I have discovered a Dr. Hauschka scrub that I love, but what amuses me most is making my homemade products.

In her fridge, there are only organic foods, and until she discovered Gabrielle did not use perfume, now she has fallen in love with the latest Chanel fragrance.

We discussed this and other beauty quirks with Adriana Ugarte in a new chapter from the guest editor.

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1. Adriana Ugarte’s

Adriana Ugarte makes all the purchases at Camino Verde, an El Escorial eco-store, and only eats organic food: I wish they were more affordable! Of course, I have a weakness, which makes me feel ashamed to recognize – he whispers, and I hardly hear it – the donuts (laughs).

You can afford them because you play sports every day: “I’m lucky, I’m not lazy. I like it a lot since I was little and it also gives me a lot of satisfaction.

I dance, play tennis, and as soon as I have a moment, I go for a walk with my bitches. I also practice cardio because as soon as I break a sweat, I go into a kind of nirvana. Adriana Ugarte is a staunch fan of pure carite butter: I use it for hydration of the whole body.

Lately, I have discovered a scrub that I love, but what amuses me most is making my homemade products, although I must confess that I am a bit of a mess with the proportions.

What I am good at are the synergies of essential oils. I buy them biologically, mix them, and use them differently.

2. How is your beauty routine?

Especially a lot of cleaning, I am very German in my habits. In the day today, I do not put on makeup, I do not even use a base or mask because later I am lazy to take it off. I think today you will not flirt, anything happens, as long as your family loves you (laughs).

If there is no other choice, I remove my makeup at night and hydrate. In the morning, I wash my face, hydrate again, and put on cream with physical protection, not chemical. I also consume evening primrose oil, which is fantastic for hydrating the skin and regulating our hormones.

3. What products always travel with you?

For hydration, I am a super fan of pure carite butter. There is a brand called Apivita, which I’m passionate about for hydration. The cleaning cosmetics are from Tata Harper and for makeup RMS Beauty.

4. Your favorite perfume

The truth is that I have never used perfume, but after trying the latest Chanel fragrance, Gabrielle, I still opted.

5. Some homemade beauty trick

I’m a little Bridget Jones, and I end up going overboard when I try to get a mask or an amateur scrub (laughs). Having susceptible skin, I end up with a tomato-like or parched face.

What I do are synergies of essential oils. I buy organic essential oils, make the blends, and use them differently.

6. Do you change a lot of looks?

The truth is, no. Since I was little, I have been a fan of long hair, I have always wanted to have it around the waist, I like that idea of ​​an indigenous woman with a super-mane.

But when I finished school and started the race first, I wanted to shave my entire head, in the end, I only dared with a part.

Now Adriana Ugarte wears more, but when I was eighteen, there were not many girls with that look. I also had my belly button pierced. I have been very nerdy but very rebellious.

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